Climate Adaptation Planning

Emergency managers are increasingly looking past the political rhetoric surrounding climate change and accepting that, for whatever reason, the risk from natural disasters is growing.

From the emergency management perspective, good climate adaptation planning is often indistinguishable from sustainability projects, like the use of pervious pavers in place of traditional asphalt and installing “green roofs” to control stormwater runoff.

The integration of emergency management and sustainability is a new approach, and I have experience creating preparedness programs that blend these two fields. I can provide a roadmap that engages important stakeholders (environmental activists, public health professionals, elected officials, and first responders), builds consensus on key issues, and lays out an action plan that will move your community toward resilience.

In many communities, it is challenging to find support for traditional mitigation projects and strategies. However, emergency managers and sustainability advocates have common ground. I can help emergency managers tap into the energy and resources that sustainability advocates represent.  Likewise, I can show sustainability advocates that emergency managers can be an effective, if unexpected, ally.