Active Transportation

During a disaster, being able to move around or get out of town without the use of a car could be very useful.  Disasters like Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy or the Fukushima showed that sometimes the best method to evacuate is by bike.

But there is more to including bikes and other forms of active transportation in an emergency management program than just recognizing that sometimes they are the best way to leave town in a hurry.  Cargo bikes can be an important method of delivering emergency supplies when the roads are otherwise impassable.  Buses and walking are methods to move people around a community efficiently and safely when private automobiles are unavailable.

Unfortunately, the people in most communities that how best to utilize these forms of transportation are not traditionally well-connected to local emergency managers. I have the skills and experience to help build a bridge between these two groups.  I can also provide valuable information to local emergency managers on successful ways to integrate these resources into an traditional emergency management program.