Experience and innovation. Expanding the possibilities of emergency management.

In emergency management, there is a tension between basic compliance and what, in reality, needs to happen in order to make a community resilient. For 15 years, I’ve untangled and deciphered systems of emergency management with the goal of  getting things done efficiently, professionally, and diplomatically. I know action steps that make a difference and what are wastes of energy and resources.

Even to the most savvy individuals, the path to resiliency and quick recovery can be unclear.  In emergency management, confounding laws and regulations and a host of indecipherable acronyms – like NIMS or ICS –  litter the landscape. There are resources and organizations that attempt to tell you what to do, but many times the information is incomplete, not applicable, and contradictory. It can be hard to know where to begin.

Let me save you the agony of sifting through bureaucracy and confusion, so you can get to the work of keeping your community safe with a high degree of effectiveness, whether you’re an elected official, professional emergency manager, sustainability advocate or concerned citizen.

My areas of expertise: